I’m slowly getting used to the idea of an almost empty nest.  It’s taken me a few months to get here, but I’m actually starting to enjoy it.  My trick is to make a list of all of the things that I want to get done while the house is quiet on the nights when D and all of the kids are at work.

Here’s the list I have going now …

– find picture frames for Emily’s project (she’s making something for the new boyfriend for their one month anniversary – it’s so damn sweet I think it’s turned me diabetic)

– work on my query letters (don’t ask!)

– work on my contacts list for the two businesses we’re building

– clean around the TV in the bedroom (I don’t even want to know what’s in that cabinet)

– clean off the dresser

– clean off the nightstand

… and now I look like I’m a complete slob.  Great!  A slob and a horrible person … why do you put up with me?

Actually I’m not a complete slob, in fact I’m a child of hoarders so I work hard not to be slobbish (is that a word?). However, I am clearing out my life (yes, it’s a long process and yes, I know I’ve been writing about it for years) and cleaning out things keeps me from dwelling on bad stuff and it makes the house look pretty for all of those times when nobody comes to visit me.  ;)

In fact, we’ve been clearing out everything in our lives from junk around the house to junk mail to junk people.  If it isn’t making us calmer people and helping out then out it goes … DAMMIT!

In case you want to do the same … find these things …

to opt out of junk catalogs go to … it’s soooooooo easy and it really does work

to opt out of prescreened credit card offers go to we haven’t received ANY offers since we did this … it could just mean that nobody wants to loan us any more money, but I’m going to assume it’s because we asked them not

Now go clean out a closet !!  All of your friends are doing it … unless your friends are hoarders and in that case … give them the stuff you don’t want!  Ta-da !!

During the proofread, I realized that this is very rambly and not at all in my typical writing style, but you will have to forgive me because we’ve had a stomach virus at my house this week AND I got a call from my son last night from rehab so me brain not work too much me thinks.


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