I hate this time of year.  I work as an accountant/office manager so I prepare each year to have a super busy January and every year I do, but right now there isn’t much to do.  So I’m just meh.  Spending four days at home in my sweatpants eating pretzels and icing probably didn’t help much either.  I really don’t have much to say, just filling the space with letters, spaces and words.  stapler … post it notes … more icing … bananas … penguins … ice skating …. blah blah blah 

Maybe it’s the fact that all of my kids are older, or that we don’t really buy many gifts for people anymore, or that we don’t really decorate much anymore, but I just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit this year.  We are building up businesses, trying not to spend money, and clearing things out that are stressing us out.  So shopping for hours on end, buying things we don’t really need and can’t afford, or sending our Christmas cards with incomplete family pictures didn’t sound like a good idea at this year.  We kept it simple, spent time together watching cheesy Christmas movies and taking naps, which was some pretty darn good days.

Here’s hoping that 2015 brings us more peace and peace to you as well.  I just wish it would hurry up and get here, because I’M BOOOOOOOOOOOOORED !!!

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