What are we doing for Thanksgiving?  I heard it for weeks from all sides.  My sister.  My sister’s mother (ok .. she’s my mother too).  My “grown” daughter.  They do this on every holiday … look to me to decide what we are all collectively doing and it usually ends up that the doing occurs at our house … and by doing I mean the cooking, cleaning up after and entertaining of everyone for hours and hours and hours.

So when oldest boy child told us about Thanksgiving at his rehab program and how they were only allowed to have four visitors on that day, I nearly cried from the sheer happiness of the moment.  I know I know .. I’m a horrible person for not wanting to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of my family but oh well  … so be it.

We had a wonderfully relaxing, very little stress day.  We ate plates of food and really good pie (they had chess pie … one of my faves!!!) and played UNO with my son and his “little brother” (a kid who just joined the program and wasn’t allowed visitation yet).  We laughed and took pictures and laughed and smiled and hugged and were just content to be in each other’s company for those precious few hours.  It was a wonderful day.

So the problem of “what are we doing for Thanksgiving?” was solved in a very strange way, but it was solved none the less.  That day I was thankful for rehab … for a lot of reasons.

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