I will explain … no wait … there is too much … I will sum up (and if you know what movie that comes from then we should be friends).

This is my life the past few weeks:

– drama with oldest girl child over her buying a car and borrowing the money from my parents

– drama with oldest boy child about his legal situation

– drama with younger boy child about car repairs and his “hey I think I’ll be a rodeo clown this week” attitude about life

– MAJOR drama with younger twin child about an ex boyfriend, school, crying fits, hormones, and general shit hitting the fan

– drama with older twin child (that was not her fault) in the form of a major allergic episode that scared us A LOT

– D threw his back out for two weeks and pretty much couldn’t do anything

– then the day (THE SAME DAY) that he went back to work, my mother fell and broke her leg bones completely off of her ankle and was in the hospital for a week, had surgery, and is now in a rehab facility … which means that in order for her to go home, my dad MUST clean out that pit of a house and get rid of the piles and piles and piles of junk (MAJOR drama to follow I’m sure)

On a happier note, my brother that I haven’t seen since 1996 finally responded to a text message … AND I got a full night’s sleep last night AND I have another bottle of Barefoot Pink Moscato at home …. OH HAPPY DAY !!!


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