I held it together until she left.  As soon as the door closed, I crumpled to the floor crying like I’ve only cried when I signed the paper that changed my life and when my daddy died.

She’d been helping her boyfriend and his dad in their backyard and ended up with poison ivy on places that she couldn’t reach with the medicine.  She didn’t want my help, but I told her that it had to be done.

It wasn’t shocking to me, because I knew about it.  It was shocking to me, because she’s my child.

None of them were new … thank God.  I promised her we would fix them in a lot of ways.  Situations have changed and she’s getting better and in a strange way I totally understand it.  When your life feels out of control, you do things to yourself that only you can control.

It didn’t make seeing them in person any easier.

We’ll fix them … every day … in little ways … we’ll fix them.

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