The phone call a few Mondays ago, after feeling a weird sense of doom the day before, was our son telling D that he had been kicked out of the facility he was in for failing a drug test.


So D drove over three hours there to pick him up and over three hours back to check him into the county jail … where he’s been while we wait for the results of the independent drug test that we had done.  A hair follicle test that shows any drug use for a longer period of time.  Well the results letter arrived today and was also mailed to the DA and the judge.


We’re still in limbo and have no clue what’s going to happen now, but this does prove that he wasn’t lying to us and that he has changed … something we already knew.

I know from experience (oh how I know), that people will believe what they want to believe about you know matter what you say or do, but there are also people out there who are willing to have faith in you and forgive you for your past.  I cling to those people and the hope that my son will be given another second chance, especially now that we know that he was kicked out for NOTHING !!!

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