Those of you who know me or think you know me, know that I tend to worry and overthink things and worry about overthinking things and overthink about worrying.  Yes, it’s exhausting.  Too bad it doesn’t burn calories.  I’ve been working on that.

Anywho.  After reading Big Magic, I decided to casually follow some dreams while also not really giving a shit.  Notice the word “casually”.  It’s kind of like training for a career in law enforcement by watching all of the episodes of Criminal Minds.  Very casual.

Anywho again.  I decided to take some time off this month from one of our side businesses to just relax and “be”.  Our other side business is going to be very busy this month and I have to be able to sleep at some point.  So I just put a few feelers out there (not literally, because that would be creepy) and whammo-blammo …. so much for taking some time off.

I just read back through all of that and realized how rambling and crazy I sound.  I call that being “colorful” and tired oh so very tired, but not physically tired thanks to good vitamins.  More of a too much in my brain tired.  This is going nowhere fast.  I might need a drink … and a nap … and another drink … and a cupcake.

Anywho (last one I promise) … to sum things up.

I’m doing okay and I hope you have a fantabulous weekend.  :)  Keep slapping!  Not literally, because that might get an assault charge or a weird stalker (some people like that kind of stuff).



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