It makes me terribly sad how we, as a society, have medicated the personalities out of so many people. Just had an interaction with a young man who was labeled as “different” and his family members were convinced by doctors that his quirks were wrong and needed to be “fixed” with several medications. He used to talk, laugh, smile and look people in the eye. Now he’s just a shell … a walking zombie with nothing behind his eyes.

I love love love the line in the movie The Soloist when the guy at the homeless shelter tells Robert Downey Jr’s character “the last thing he needs is somebody else telling him what he needs” when he tries to change the Soloist and “fix” him. It’s so true. The great artists, thinkers, writers, and explorers were all labeled as weird or different. What would our history be like if they were told to get in line and shut up and then medicated when they couldn’t?

I thought the first rule of the medical profession was “Do No Harm’, but oh how we have harmed and changed and killed in the name of “fixing” people, most who don’t need to be changed at all.

Embrace the quirky, the outspoken, the different, and the weird. If they aren’t hurting themselves or hurting others, then what harm is there in just leaving them alone to be their beautiful selves?

I thank God every single day for the moment that made me realize that meds had changed me into an absolute monster and taken way all of the good. Every single day.

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