She contacted me, eager to work and spewing her qualifications.  Of course, now we know that much of that was complete and utter crap.

She’s been the “caregiver” of my mom since she came home from the rehab facility last November.  I use the term “caregiver” loosely, because what she really was was a con artist.

I don’t know what made mom get her own mail on Saturday.  Maybe God.  Maybe angels.  Maybe my dad from Heaven telling her that she needed to wake up, because the person who seemed to be trying just a little too hard was doing the opposite of caring for her.

Mom is embarrassed that she didn’t figure it out sooner.  My sisters and I are mad as hell.

Yes, the police have been notified.  Yes, she has been fired.  Yes, the accounts have been closed.  Yes, we’ve changed the locks on the house.  Yes, we’re mad as hell.  Yes, I already said that, but it merits a repeat or two.

MAD AS HELL !!! WHERE’S MY WINE ??  or did she “borrow” that too

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