Mom has fallen three times in the past week.  The first time was right on her face which lead to an emergency room visit and a headache that lasted for days.  My young adult children are helping to take care of her and just typing out that sentence makes me angry.

I don’t think she wants to get better.  I’ve thought that for years and years.  My two sisters keep holding on the idea that finding the right doctor, the right meds, the right diet, etc. etc. is going to magically change her into a healthy person.  I know it won’t.

Her staying in our rent house and having caregivers come in is just a Band-Aid on a much bigger problem and it’s just a matter of time before she has to go somewhere with 24 hour care.  I can see it.  D can see it.  I don’t know why everyone else can’t.

I called my younger sister this morning on my way to work.  She’s going to talk to her AGAIN tonight about it.  I tried to convince her that it won’t matter.  That mom doesn’t want to get better.  She wants to eat whatever she wants.  She wants to just pay someone to come sit with her and watch TV.  She wants to be left alone.

She misses my dad and I think she’s giving up.

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