I don’t even know where to begin.  We could start at the beginning, but I honestly don’t know much about dinosaurs other than their bones really scare me in museums.

So here’s something from the middle.

Mom’s health is not improving.  Work is extremely stressful.  Having five “grown” kids MIGHT be as hard as having five small kids.  D is having health concerns.  yada yada yada more crap and other stuff

So last night while we were finally sitting down watching some mindless TV, I turned to D and said “you know … you’re the only area of my life right now that isn’t causing me stress”.

To which he replied, “what about my whole blood pressure thing?”

“Oh shit … nevermind … stop talking”

and I went upstairs to play Veggie Smash

Veggie Smash might be the only area of my life that isn’t causing me stress right now …

but there are so many levels and some have weeds and sugar cubes and timers.

Oh shit … nevermind … I’ll stop talking.



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