After a few weeks of eating junk food, gaining weight and generally feeling blah because of it, I’m getting back on track with the healthy eating principles I learned from WW. Here they are:

1. Portion control – if it says on the package that a portion is 7 chips, then ONLY eat 7 chips … get 7 chips out of the bag, place them in a bowl and walk away from the bag …. learn to measure out what you eat. Buy a set of measuring cups and spoons and actually use them. 1/2 cup of ice cream is plenty 

2. Ask yourself “is hunger the problem?” if the answer is “yes”, then food is the answer … if the answer is “no” then you are eating your emotions, so you need to find other things to do with your time, mind, and body to keep from mindlessly eating.

3. Bulk up nearly everything you eat with fruits and vegetables. If you’re eating a sandwich, add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. If you’re eating a bowl of oatmeal, add fruit. It’s easy once you get in the habit of doing it. At least 30% of the stuff in your grocery cart should come from the produce aisle.

4. Take good vitamins. They make a difference in your energy level and how you feel in general. You can’t exercise if you don’t have the energy to do it. Most vitamins on the market have an absorption rate of less than 15% so make sure you are taking one with a high absorption rate. I can tell you what I’m taking.

5. Exercise …. Start slow and small then build up to fast and tough. This chick isn’t running anywhere unless a zombie clown bear with a chainsaw is chasing me and even that’s questionable, but I do enjoy going for walks and doing yoga. Find something that works for you … there are plenty of options out there.

6. Taper off or cut out the junk food … I cut way back on sodas and I don’t even crave them anymore. The less junk food (greasy, salty, sweet, etc.) you eat, the less you crave. It sounds strange, but it’s oh so true. Give yourself a 5 day challenge and earn a non-food reward if you go 5 days without your junk food favorite.

7. Learn to say “no” so you have time to take care of yourself. You can’t help other people if you’re too run down to even take care of yourself.

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