I can’t remember if I already told  you this or not.  So here goes.

A lady (and I use that term loosely only because it sounds nicer than calling her a chick or a thief or a bitch) stole from my disabled mother.  She confessed.  She also writes hot checks, doesn’t pay her bills, seems to hang out at the local casinos A LOT, and hasn’t learned her lesson since my mom filed charges on her.

She goes to court tomorrow and my sister and I are going instead of my mom, mostly because we honestly feel like dealing with this in a courtroom might give her a heart attack and/or a stroke.

My sister (and the DA) think she needs to go to prison.  I agree … sort of.

I run my life experiences through a different filter, because well … you know.

I tend to have compassion for people who do stupid shit and ruin their lives.  However, I have MORE compassion for people who wake the fuck up after spending some time in jail.  It worked for me, so I tend to expect it to work for other people.

Soooooooooooooooooo …. we will see how tomorrow goes.  She doesn’t need to get away with it.  She doesn’t need ten years in prison.  She DOES need to hit her rock bottom so she can change her ways, because she might just steal from the wrong person one of these days and jail might end up being the safest place for her.  There are people out there a lot scarier than my mom and if she pisses off the wrong one or steals from the wrong one, who knows what would happen.

Rock bottom … maybe she hasn’t hit hers yet, but I’m not going to stop her from the fall.



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