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I was raised by hoarders.  My father was raised by hoarders, hard working people who didn’t have much and saved every little scrap of anything, because there was a chance (even if it was a slim one) that it might … Continue reading

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I’m nearly 44 years old and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been taking care of someone … my other siblings, my drunk friends, my kids, my disabled mother.  Always.  Somebody … and rarely myself. I’ve let myself … Continue reading

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D and I were talking the other night about how as a society we are constantly striving to be comfortable.  About how any little pain, twitch, or discomfort must be handled RIGHT NOW!  If we have a headache we instantly … Continue reading

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I’m up every morning around 5 o’clock.  It’s part natural body alarm clock and part click click click of little doggie toenails on the bamboo wood floor.  I really need to train them to sleep a little later.  Oh who … Continue reading

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