I’m a morning person … one of those really annoying types that bounces right out of bed and gets shit done first thing in the morning.  I’m not groggy or gripey.  I’m wide awake and ready to take on the day.  I said it was annoying, but I love it.

Even when we go on vacation, I’m up around 6 and depending on how agreeable my lovely husband is to the idea, I’m usually sightseeing around 7 or 8.  It’s really awesome when we’re in Las Vegas.  Casinos are very desolate places at 7 in the morning.   We can play whatever slot machine we want.  We can order drinks from the waitresses on a regular basis, because they are so desperate for tips at that time of day they will keep coming around every ten minutes.  Yes, we day drink when we’re on vacation (and sometimes on the weekends).  You already knew we were awful people, so don’t act all judgey about it now.

I could clean the whole house before 9 am (and I have on several occasions) … assuming that particular Saturday is not a day drinking day.

I just think better and perform better (like I’m a one woman show) earlier in the day.  Part of it is my habit of procrastination.  If I don’t get stuff done right away then it gets put off or doesn’t get done at all.  Hence the folder of tax information sitting by me right now that I should be working on instead of writing this.

Well thanks to the lovely Miss Oprah and an article in her magazine.  I now know about the website and app Unstuck.  Go Google it … I’ll wait.

See … I told you.

While reading the sight and working through one of the question thingies, I discovered that I’ve been doing my life wrong …. of course, we already knew that, but this is slightly different.

As a morning person, I shouldn’t be trying to get stuff done in the evenings (and the other way around if you are NOT a morning person).  I’m up pretty much every morning at 5.  THAT should be the time when I’m doing some cleaning, some yoga, some writing, some e-mailing, some side business work, etc.  I should NOT be trying to get stuff accomplished in the evenings after work when I’m dog ass tired (technical term there).  My evening times should be reserved for boxed wine drinking and bubble bath taking … it only makes sense.

So we will see how much I get done tomorrow morning when I start “the switch” and how much more relaxing my evenings are when I’m not running around trying to do stuff or talking myself out of doing stuff.  This could be VERY interesting.   muahahahahahah

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