Simplify Your Home (Sanctuary)

Easy Habit for Clutter Free Surfaces

Simple Simplifying Series ... Easy Habit for Clutter Free Surfaces They're constant reminders that we need to clean up, get rid of junk, or both.  They cause us stress, anxiety, and feeling blah. But it's so easy just to drop everything wherever we want to and walk away from it.  Which is exactly the habit… Continue reading Easy Habit for Clutter Free Surfaces

Simplify Your Home (Sanctuary)

My Favorite Cleaning Tip

Simple Simplifying Series ... My Favorite Cleaning Tip Let me clear something up real quick.  I don't actually enjoy cleaning.  I'm strange, but not strange enough to think that scrubbing toilets is tons of fun.  Nope.  Not me. However, I do looooooooooooove the feeling of cleaning being done.  It makes me feel like I got… Continue reading My Favorite Cleaning Tip