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The DVD sat on our kitchen counter for two weeks, we were just so busy that we had no time to sit down as a family together and watch it … until last night and I’m so glad that we did.

As a mother, it is heartbreaking to see what some kids endure on a daily basis.  No friends.  Hit on the bus.  Called names in the classroom.  Nobody willing to help them.  Everybody just looking the other way.

I was crying at about three and a half minutes in.  I knew when the father started talking about his son in the past sense that it was going to be a very tragic story … and it was/is.

Be warned … it’s a tough documentary to watch, but something that EVERY SINGLE FAMILY should watch together.  (However, it might not be suitable for children younger than 8th grade … the language is very rough in some spots and there are scenes of actual violence.)

Nobody wants to believe that it could happen to their kid.

Nobody wants to believe that it could be their kid that’s being the Bully.

Please please please find this movie … watch it with your family … start the conversation.  Be the difference.

** I know that Netflix has it, because that’s where I got it **

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10 thoughts on “Bully”

  1. I was bullied at school, and at 32 years old a lot of it still stays with me. I think bullying needs to be taken a lot more seriously, and not just in schools. It’s surprising how many adults are bullied in the workplace, and it’s often even harder to speak up then.

    1. Oh I agree. The definition of a bully is somebody who has to make other people feel worse so they can feel better. I see people like that every single day.

  2. My daughter actually watched this somewhere and said it was incredibly sad and powerful. While she has been bullied, she said that it wasn’t near as bad as this.

  3. Let us pray that someday bullying will be a thing of the past. Each child is brilliant and wonderful. We need to teach our children to recognize that differences make us interesting.

    Great job. I’ll be back tomorrow as a regular stop during the blog tour.

    Waiter, drink please!

    1. I really do think that every school needs a bullying program of some sort that includes counseling for the bullied AND the bully. Plus every child should be taught that just because something is different doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

  4. I do not know how I would be watching such a dvd as things like this really upset me maybe because I am a mum maybe because I was bullied or maybe because my daughter was also bullied………and I hated it so much……..

    1. I knew before I watched it that it was going to really upset me (and it did), but I also wanted my kids to see it and felt like we needed to watch it as a family. I’m so glad we did.

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