Sometimes Big D and I have really thoughtful, interesting conversations – usually when we are driving somewhere or all of the kids are at their jobs (as of this moment 100% of my children are employed … sssshhhh …. don’t tell anybody, because once they realize it one of them will have to quit just because they are my children).  The other night D and I had a really strange/great/life-changing conversation about the choices that people make.

Between the two of us, we know a few politicians (oh the irony there!) and we were talking about how some people (and politicians) honestly believe that poor people choose to be poor and that if they just tried harder then they too could have lots of money.  I mentioned to D about how when I was working as a social worker (in what feels like another lifetime – BEFORE the bat shit crazy years), we would go over a monthly budget with each of our clients and try to help them find ways to either make more money or spend less.  At least once a week there would be a client who told me that they smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and had a $100 per month cable bill.  So even back then they were spending around $150 a month on cigarettes and another $100 on the woop-te-doo cable package with all of the premium channels, while trying to justify those expenses and claiming they HAD to spend that money.  They just couldn’t understand that spending that money was a choice and that if they spent that money each month on debt or their bills then they would be less stressed.

… and then it hit me

Social worker Gina virtually slapped the shit out of modern day Gina and I had a light bulb moment.  I’m making similar choices.

I choose to be overweight every time I eat something unhealthy and in large quantities.

I choose to be lazy every time I sit my butt on the couch for hours on end instead of exercising.

I choose to be in debt when I spend money on things I don’t need instead of paying that money on a credit card.

I choose to be stressed when I go places on the weekends (to spend money on food I shouldn’t be eating and buying things I don’t need) just to entertain myself, instead of staying home and resting.

So for the past week or so, I’ve been making better choices and talking to myself more (I swear I’m not crazy … NOW!).  The other night when I picked up the potato chips, I actually said “Gina … you are choosing to be fat!” and I put them back down.

Of course, next week I might charge up my credit card on Beef Chilada Platters at Taco Bueno,  but for now I’m feeling pretty good about the choices I’ve made.

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