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Fun and Funky Finds … February 2018

I’ve said it dozens of times and it’s so important, I’ll say it again.

A balanced life includes having a hobby.  At least one.

If you don’t have one … GET ONE !!!

Our hobby is basically looking at junk … but it’s “good junk” (to us anyway).  Some things we buy, some things we just gaze upon.  We enjoy spending time together (which wasn’t always the case), so we savor the days when we have nothing better to do than search out “good junk”.

Here are some Fun and Funky Finds from February.

I collect vintage, swirl graniteware … NOT the solid color stuff …. NOT the splattered stuff … ONLY the swirled stuff … this pie pan (in a color I didn’t already have) was only $10 and made for a happy Gina

I should have rescued this poor thing … I think it’s supposed to be a poodle

Yes, that IS a Schlitz light up globe … that now lives in our lounge.  This was NOT one of my purchases.

I’ve been looking for a vintage bread box for months.  This one was less than $20 and as soon as I get the old wood smell out of it, it’s going to hold our bread.  🙂

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