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On probably a monthly basis, I’m planning on writing an e-mail Newsletter chock full of ideas for simplifying, decluttering, living a more honest life and just trying to be a little better every day.  I was going to say that I would write a monthly one, but I know how life goes and often when I make plans God, the magical unicorns and the universe don’t just laugh … they point, laugh, throw things and kick my dog.  So in an effort to be more honest (one of my life goals), I used the word PROBABLY in the first sentence.

You can join the fun by filling out the Newsletter form in the side bar (directly below my lovely picture).  If you are reading this on your phone, scroll to the bottom and click “View Full Site” then scroll to the bottom again and you will see the form.

Plus you get a FREEBIE …. a simplifying and decluttering idea you can use every single day to clear out space and change your mindset.


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