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People who don’t have teenagers often wonder why we do some of the things we do.

For example:

When we go grocery shopping and buy certain snack foods like chips, granola bars, Kool-Aid, Pop-Tarts, Ramen Noodles, and fruit snacks we put one box (or packet or bag) of each thing on the dining room table …. and we lock the rest of them in D’s closet.  We have to.  Teenagers and food are like locusts on crops.  They would seriously go through $400 worth of food in two days if we didn’t ration out the snacks.

We also buy silverware and plastic cups from big box stores or restaurant supply places.  If we didn’t then we would never have anything to eat with or drink out of, because teenagers tend to go brain dead from time to time and “forget” that they took a fork  and four cups out to the front yard.  We don’t ask why.  It’s easier that way.

Our latest discovery is that teenagers also tend to be lazy.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?  I know … it’s a shocker, but alas it is true.

Our laundry room is downstairs, so the basket of towels tend to get folded (after telling them twelve times to do it) downstairs and because carrying a stack of folded towels up sixteen steps is just too difficult, the vast majority of the towels then get shoved into the cabinet in D’s tiny bathroom downstairs.  So when I go to take a bath in my fantabulous pink bathroom upstairs, there are NEVER any towels in the linen closet.

Problem solved …



Mine (washed on their own, folded by me, and stacked neatly by my dresser … the kids aren’t even allowed to look at them …… muahahahahaha)


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