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My Daughter works for NASA and I Didn’t Know It !

I printed out the phone bill today so that I would have ammunition when we talked to Rachel tonight about the long distance charges. The more I looked at it, the more mad I got. As was mentioned in my previous post, we had been allowing her to talk to the boyfriend for 10 minutes per day when we were home in the evening. This was a compromise because she was actually in trouble from a previous phone issue and we were trying to be nice and let her actually talk to the boyfriend. Well nice no more ! I looked down through each day on the bill and started adding up the minutes to see how long she was actually talking to him each day.

One day she talked on the phone for a total of 376 minutes. Over six hours of talking time. Six hours ! What the h*ll could they possibly be talking to for six flipping hours. Is she working on the global warming problem? Have they found a way to end world hunger? Is she working for NASA and we don’t know about it? I couldn’t talk that long to Oprah or President Obama. I just wouldn’t have enough to say to spend six hours talking to somebody – anybody. I don’t think that I could talk to myself for that long (and I used to be crazy – I know how long a person can talk to themselves). Granted this was not one continuous phone call that lasted that long. She did have the common courtesy to break it up throughout the day. One call was for 48 minutes then they must have taken a potty break and she called him back three minutes later. Then they talked for thirty something minutes – must have taken a snack break and then she called him back twenty minutes later.

Obviously by this point the President must have beeped in to put in his two cents about global warming or the recession because they then did some three-way calling with somebody else. The phone company isn’t able to tell me who the third party actually was but I have to assume that for $2 per three-way call that it must have been somebody of extreme importance – possibly Al Gore. I guess we will never know.

The really scary thing is that the phone bill cut off on June 6th and I did not discover the long-distance usage until June 28th, therefore we now have another three weeks of unknown bill to deal with next month. Oh joy !!! I get to relive this feeling again. Well not only is she going to have to pay the bills back but she is also going to have to reimburse me for the box of wine that I am going to have to drink to keep me from seriously injuring her little dialing fingers.

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3 thoughts on “My Daughter works for NASA and I Didn’t Know It !”

  1. Oh-no-she-didn't. I have a niece that did the same thing to my brother. He had to send her to the school of hard knocks and replace her phone with the kid-version. You know, one that only let's you call 911 and home. Lesson slowly learned.

  2. I remember doing this same thing my first semester away at college, charging to the calling card my Mom had generously provided. I thought she was the most horrible, heartless woman in the world when she cancelled that card and told me I'd have to pay for my calls myself!

    I think you are incredibly generous to let her live!

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