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Random Reading 1.11.13

I know that you’ve missed knowing what I’ve been reading and if you haven’t then just pretend that you have.

While enjoying my four days off over Christmas break, I read Damien Echols’ book, Life After Death.   He was part of a trio of men wrongly accused in the horrific murders of three small boys in Arkansas.  He was sentenced to death row until celebrities and his future wife, who started writing to him in prison after seeing a documentary about the case, fought to find a way for the trio’s release.  I have to warn you that this book is very heavy, not physically but mentally.  For somebody who came as close to going to prison as I did, it was tough to read.  I’m glad I read it, but it left me in a very strange mood for a few days.  Sad thinking about what could have happened and so grateful that it didn’t.

I have an urge to travel.  I don’t have the money to travel, but that doesn’t stop the urge.  Southern Living magazine has a stunning slideshow of old Southern plantation type resorts that you really should see.

The South’s Grand Resorts, Revisited

I’ve been a Martin Short fan since his Ed Grimley days on Saturday Night Live … I must say.  His dramatic role as a lawyer to a Bernie Madoff type swindler on Damages only sealed the deal for me.  Vanity Fair profiled him in their January special comedy issue and the article made me fall in love with him even more.

Martin Short …. The Cat’s Meow

I strongly suggested to my nineteen year old daughter that she read this article from Self magazine about how easily a person can get your information online, hoping that it will make her be a little more careful about what she posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Why You Should Worry About Online Stalking

My wonderful online stranger/friend Drew (aka Ranger) wrote the most helpful thing I have ever read about anxiety and since I’ve seen some people have anxiety issues in the post few days, I thought I would repost this link for them.

The Only Way Out Is Through



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