Simplify Your Home (Sanctuary)


Younger boy child has lived in the apartment in our backyard since he was 16.  Older boy child passed on the chance to live out there after oldest girl child moved out, because he knew that he would just end up in trouble out there.  At the time we thought it was noble and mature of him … turns out it was not … but that’s another story.

All of our kids have been given the same offer and have understood the offer since they were about thirteen.  After they graduate from high school, they can continue to live with us rent free as long as

A) they are going to college or technical school

B) they are working at least part-time

C) they are spending SOME time with the family on a semi-regular basis

D) they do chores

Well a few weeks ago Mr. Riley made the statement “you know it would be easier if everybody just did their own dishes” on his ONE NIGHT OF THE WEEK that he has to unload and reload the dishwasher.  In case you missed that it says ONE NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!! That’s right, his ONLY responsibility in the house is to do dishes ONE NIGHT OF THE WEEK.  He has to keep his apartment/room semi-clean and vermin free, but the only thing we require of him outside of that in the way of cleaning is for him to unload clean dishes, put them up in the cabinets and reload the dirty dishes into the dishwasher ONE NIGHT OF THE WEEK.

Well you can only imagine my response to his “you know it would be easier if everybody just did their own dishes.”

I deadpan looked him right in the eyes and said, “you know it would be easier if my technically grown son didn’t live with us and we didn’t pay for his utilities and food”.

He replied with “um … I’m just sayin'”

I replied back with an “uuuuuuuuum … IIIIIIIIIII’m just sayin'”

Then we sat the boy child down with a pen and a piece of paper and had him write out what his expenses would be if he didn’t live with us rent free …

rent $525, electricity $75, cable $50, Internet $50, cell phone (on his own plan) $75, car insurance (not on our policy) $200, food $200 for a total of $1,175

Then he calmly got up from the table, walked over to the sink and started doing the dishes.

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