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Living with Situational Depression

We all have suffered and will suffer loss of some kind during our lives.  We lose relationships, jobs we love, people we love, our homes, our belongings, our routines, etc.  It's a horrible feeling and sometimes we don't know what we're feeling or what to do for ourselves until the feeling passes. Situational Depression (also called… Continue reading Living with Situational Depression

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Ten Years Ago I Tapered Off Antidepressants

Some people have great success with antidepressants and if that's you then that's awesome. I was not one of those people. Ten years ago today I became Paxil free.  In some ways it seems like just yesterday, in others a lifetime ago.  It was a lifetime ago.  I'm no longer that person. I see it… Continue reading Ten Years Ago I Tapered Off Antidepressants