Fantabulous Stuff, The Nest (our home)

Simple Solutions … Vintage Handkerchiefs

Problem Number One I live in a nearly 100 year old house.  I love it, but it sure has its little quirks (and sometimes irks). For example ... the towel rods in my fantabulous pink bathroom are stuck to the tile so they can't be removed without ruining the tile underneath.  The actual rod also can't… Continue reading Simple Solutions … Vintage Handkerchiefs

Motivation to Change

Simple Changes that Gave Me Peace

3 Simple Changes that Gave Me Peace 1. I stopped watching "The News" We are all creatures of habit.  Our routines, our actions and even our words are sometimes just set to automatic. For years I spent at least twenty minutes every morning with the morning news on.  I would take my make-up bag back… Continue reading Simple Changes that Gave Me Peace