Motivation to Change

Say “NO!” to the Fit Throwers

I'm working with someone now who's found themselves in a very bad situation.  Long conversations and working through what happened resulted in me asking "why did you agree to this?".  The answer was "It was just easier to go along.  I didn't want them to throw a fit." ... and there it is The conversation… Continue reading Say “NO!” to the Fit Throwers

A little better every day

Why You (and I) Need a Life List

Ok … maybe you don’t actually neeeeeeeeed a life list. There are few things (very important things) that a person actually neeeeeeeeeds …. you know … like food, water and air.  Those tiny things. Howeeeeeeeever, there are also a few very good reasons to write down the things you want out of life. Having a… Continue reading Why You (and I) Need a Life List

Health (mental too)

Living with Situational Depression

We all have suffered and will suffer loss of some kind during our lives.  We lose relationships, jobs we love, people we love, our homes, our belongings, our routines, etc.  It's a horrible feeling and sometimes we don't know what we're feeling or what to do for ourselves until the feeling passes. Situational Depression (also called… Continue reading Living with Situational Depression