Simplify Your Self

Overcome Overwhelm … Eliminate the Unnecessary

I've seen it a lot.  Heck, it's happened to me a lot.  That feeling that you just can't have anything else in your brain or you might just lose your mind.  I totally get it.  But how do you know what's really "necessary"? Think of it this way .... what would HAVE to get done… Continue reading Overcome Overwhelm … Eliminate the Unnecessary

Simplify Your Home (Sanctuary)

My Favorite Cleaning Tip

Simple Simplifying Series ... My Favorite Cleaning Tip Let me clear something up real quick.  I don't actually enjoy cleaning.  I'm strange, but not strange enough to think that scrubbing toilets is tons of fun.  Nope.  Not me. However, I do looooooooooooove the feeling of cleaning being done.  It makes me feel like I got… Continue reading My Favorite Cleaning Tip