Health (mental too)

Post Vacation Depression

Situational Depression can occur after any sort of loss, but it can also show up AFTER a good thing happens.  I'm going through it to some degree now. For months we planned a "we need to run away from home before we start kicking people" vacation.  Every day I would spend my breaks at work looking at… Continue reading Post Vacation Depression

Health (mental too)

Living with Situational Depression

We all have suffered and will suffer loss of some kind during our lives.  We lose relationships, jobs we love, people we love, our homes, our belongings, our routines, etc.  It's a horrible feeling and sometimes we don't know what we're feeling or what to do for ourselves until the feeling passes. Situational Depression (also called… Continue reading Living with Situational Depression

ocd rechecking
Health (mental too)

OCD Tendencies … My Rechecking Annoys Me Too

He used to stand by the front door and wait ... and wait ... and wait. I don't have actual OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  I have OCD Tendencies, which is a nicer way to say OCD mild.  I used to have the type that kept me from leaving the house.  The kind that caused my… Continue reading OCD Tendencies … My Rechecking Annoys Me Too