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You Do What You Have To Do

Our take-out food splurge for the week was Pizza Hut last night … I get Veggie Lovers and I’m the only one who likes it so I know that nobody else will steal my leftover slices, however D gets Meat Lovers and three out of the four kids still living at home LOVE it … so he has to resort to desperate measures …  taping the box closed

… at least it wasn’t duct tape this time

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2 thoughts on “You Do What You Have To Do”

  1. Love it 🙂
    I love dark chocolate, but rarely eat it. The last time I had dark chocolate in the house, it disappeared before I had a single bite of it! When I received some as a gift last week, I put it in a baggie and hid it inside of the container of oatmeal. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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