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10 Things to Do … besides looking at your phone

There’s an amazing world out there.  Are you missing it, because you’re too busy staring at your phone?

Look up …. do something!

10 Things to Do … besides looking at your phone

1.  Call (yes, actually call) or even better, actually go see a friend or family member.

Conversations aren’t just words.  They’re expressions, affection and feelings.  Have a full conversation.  Hear their voice.  Laugh with them.  Cry with them.  Be present with them.  All the things you really can’t do with a text or instant message.

2.  Clean out a closet or cabinet

You know you have one that needs it.  Plus you will feel great about getting it done … and finding things you forgot you had.

3.  Exercise

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than walking around the block a few times.

Just get up and MOVE !!!

4.  Read

I don’t think any ever got dumber by reading.

5.  Write something

Jot your thoughts (hey … that rhymed) in a journal.  Make lists of things you have to, need to and want to get done.  Send someone a letter (an ACTUAL letter).  Just write!

6.  Create something

Paint.  Stained Glass.  Coloring Book.  Crochet.  Write a book.  Plant flowers.  Be creative.

7.  Help someone

Put someone before yourself.  See the need.  Offer to help.

8.  Watch a movie

Pay attention to it.  Put your phone in another room.  Get swept away in the story.

9.  Practice self care

Shave your legs.  Condition your hair.  Paint your nails.  Get a massage.  Do something just for you.

10. Meditate

It’s actually really simple.  You just be.  Use your senses to see, hear, smell, taste and feel whatever is around you.  Wherever you are.  Take the time to just be.


I’ve been seeing it more and more lately and it breaks my heart.  Entire families sitting at restaurants and nobody is talking.  Even the babies are staring at screens.


I can’t imagine anyone declaring at that end of their life,

“I wish I had spent more time staring at my phone”.




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