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5 Easy Ways to Declutter TODAY

Five Easy Ways to Declutter TODAY

I have personal experience with hoarding and I know that massive clean outs usually don’t work, because they don’t change the mental reasons for clutter and keeping stuff you don’t really use, like, or need. 

Plus people think that decluttering takes a lot of time so they just keep putting it off.  I know that a slow declutter is a lasting declutter and that could mean just doing a little bit every day.

Make-Up Bag

The next time you use something out of your bag (make-up bag, office bag, briefcase, backpack, etc.), assuming you aren’t in a hurry, take just a few minutes to clean that thing out.  This morning as I was putting on my make-up, I tossed the things that I never use or were seriously old.  It only took me about a minute to evaluate and toss a few items. 

If you’ve had that lipstick since 2010, you obviously aren’t ever going to wear it.  It needs to go.  Plus cosmetics grow bacteria.  If it’s starting to smell then it’s growing something you do NOT want to put on your face.  Toss it!


I’m addicted to reading and I’m not at all ashamed of that.  It’s my escape from the world. 

I’m also addicted to flea markets, thrift stores, and antiques stores.  Those two things merge when I find books that seem interesting for a dollar or two.  That usually results in a stack in our bedroom TV cabinet and another stack in my bathroom (I read in the tub).  I don’t spend much on used books so it’s okay if I don’t end up liking them and never finish. 

Every few months when things start to feel crowded, I sort through my books.  I’ll read a chapter or two to see if it’s something that still interests me or something I’ll actually enjoy reading.  Sometimes I can tell with just a few pages.  If I still want to read it then it stays.  If I know I’ll never read it or finish it, it gets donated.

Personal Care Organizing

If you’ve read about my Use What You Have decluttering method then you know that the easiest way to do this is to have everything organized for quicker visibility.  You can’t use what you have if you don’t know what you have and you can’t know what you have unless you actually look.

We probably all have that cabinet in the house where stuff just gets stuck.  Ours is the one in our upstairs hallway.  It has all of our upstairs cleaning products and my personal care in there along with sheets, towels, and floor cleaning pads.  I try to keep it organized so I can see everything, but stuff still gets jumbled sometimes.

This morning I took five minutes and organized that cabinet.  I took everything out (the only way to really declutter any space) and lined all the bottles up as I put them back in.  Now I can easily see what we have and can use it before I buy more.


Our kitchen is cozy (code for small) so cabinet space is critical.  We keep our food cans in a corner cabinet with a Lazy Susan for ease of access (if you don’t have one, get one … they are handy).  We also store all of the cans with the expiration date on the top for easy checking.

If you haven’t gone through your food cans in a while, now’s the time.  Anything close to the expiration date gets put out on the cabinet.  I know, I know … visible clutter is a big no-no, but hear me out.

Even if it’s ten cans sitting up there, try really hard to use them sometime in the next week.  If you don’t have them all used within two weeks, then toss them.  They aren’t going to get any fresher sitting in the cabinet.  Plan meals around what you already have, which saves money and declutters your kitchen at the same time.


Tonight before you go to bed, DUMP THAT THING OUT!!! Make room on your bed or table and purge that purse.

Everything comes out before anything goes back in.

Unless you’re carrying around a Samsonite size bag, this should take just a few minutes.  You can probably do it during the commercials of your favorite show.

There they are … Five Easy Ways to Declutter TODAY! 

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a major project and it’s actually more effective when it isn’t.  Small time slots of getting rid of junk help to change your clutter habits and assess why you have the clutter in the first place. 

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