Almost Called Home by the Mother Ship

What a way to start off a Friday. Change out the external hard drive for the server and immediately it starts letting out some strange dinging sound. It has never done that before. Why is it doing that? Obviously something is very wrong and if I don’t contact technical support to figure this out immediately then all of our precious data will be lost to the winds for all time. So I being the good little worker that I am, log on to the website of the manufacturer and proceed to tell them via tech support chat that the external drive is making some sort of strange dinging sound every five minutes. Their suggestions – unplug it … did that – no change, run diagnostics program … did that – no change, try a different USB cord … did that – no change. Still dinging. So I called somebody into my office to make sure that it wasn’t a noise that only I could hear, because the mother ship could be calling me home at any second and if so then I have a lot of packing to do.

Well it took her one set of dinging to discover that the noise was not coming from the hard drive, that it was in fact coming from my purse. IT WAS THE LOW BATTERY TONE ON MY SON’S CELL PHONE !!! Holy shit ! I need a box of wine ! Maybe the mother ship does need to bring me in for some repairs … I am obviously too stupid to remain on this planet.

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1 thought on “Almost Called Home by the Mother Ship”

  1. One time, I called tech support at my work because my computer was making a weird noise, and it was from a piece of paper that was laying on the escape key.

    I felt pretty…

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