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An Acid Trip Without the Acid

We are back from Las Vegas !!! We had a really good trip and this time I didn’t hide in the hotel room watching advertisements for fun stuff to do in Vegas, I actually got out there and did the fun stuff ! We went to shows. We ate at really cool restaurants. We walked up and down The Strip until our legs felt like Kermit’s – and we probably looked like we were walking Muppets too. It was a great trip and D had to literally pry my fingers off of a slot machine and make me leave on Wednesday evening. We are already talking about going back next year. It is so nice to actually remember a vacation and not be in the SSRI fog.

The first night that we were there, we went to see “Love” at The Mirage. Wow !!! That is pretty much the perfect word for it. Wow !!! We didn’t get the fabulous seats down on the lower level, but I think that we actually had a better view from our cheaper seats in the balcony. When they say that they start the show promptly at 9:30 – they mean it. You better have gone to the restroom or bought your Beatles themed gigantic beverage before you found your seats. We didn’t buy an drinks, because we wanted to see the show perfectly sober. I cannot even imagine how crazy the show would have been if I had been slightly buzzed.

A few minutes into the show I had a minor freak-out moment. Thoughts started running through my head like “I want to go home”, “This trip was a mistake”, “We should have spent our money paying down our debt”. For a brief second I seriously thought about leaning over to Derek and telling him that I wanted to leave. Then I did what everybody with anxiety issues has to do to really move past the anxiety – I gave myself a mental slap. In my mind I said “Stop this ! You are in Las Vegas and you are going to have a great time on this trip. You have been looking forward to this and you deserve this time, so shut up and enjoy the damn show”. It worked ! The anxiety feeling instantly went away and I concentrated on watching the beauty of the show – the lights, the music, the acrobatics, the costumes, the dancing. All of it was a beautiful show and I enjoyed the rest of it. The anxiety monster did not win !

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