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Are you Sabotaging your Money Goals?

The easiest way to start simplifying your life is to think of the things that really seem to stress you out and for most of us, at some point in our lives, that’s money.

My primary money goal is to be out of debt, but wishing that we didn’t have any debt or that we’d never opened a credit card account is just a waste of time and mental energy.  So the only way to achieve my goal is to work on it, even if that’s just a little at a time.

But sometimes we tend to do what most people do.  We trade future contentment for instant happiness.  We want something RIGHT NOW even if we don’t have the money in our possession at the moment.  We just charge it and plan to pay for it later.

We fall for the hype of “paying it out” or “paying it off” LATER, not knowing when that time will really come.  We’re a society of debt, because easy payments sound really good at the time, but aren’t really easy at all. 

What if you went out to eat today and the receipt said the total was $50, but then tomorrow you would have to pay it off and pay $60.  You probably would just stay home and eat a sandwich … right?  Because you would be able to see how much it would cost you in the future and you would know when that future payment would be.

But when you charge things or take out a loan for a new car (or house or boat or lawnmower), all you think about is the monthly payment amount and if you can make those payments each month.  You don’t consider what that debt is REALLY costing you or how long it will take you to pay for it. 

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