Big D’s Chore List

Before you start feeling sorry for  the man and thinking that I’m a horrible person for writing him out a daily list of stuff that needs to be done, you have to realize that

1.  he only works 8 or 9 shifts a month and is therefore by himself at home a lot of the time during the work week

2.  he tends to forget things

3.  he tends to take naps …. which furthers complicates the forgetting things … I’ve learned that things told to him BEFORE nap are NOT remembered AFTER nap

here is his list for today

1.  clean bathrooms (this used to be the kids job, but with two of the three that still live with us having jobs it has now fallen on us to get it done)

2.  read pages 54 and 55 in O Magazine (it’s an article on ways to reduce blood pressure – something that a 42 year old man who had scary high blood pressure for a few weeks needs to read … and something he won’t read unless his wife STRONGLY suggests it)

3.  buy a plant to take to Granny (my sister’s mother) for her birthday today

4.  think of ways that you can make your lovely wife’s life better ! (see his witty suggestion below)

5. spray for bugs (we have ants …. in the Fall … why?  because it’s us and things that happen to us cannot be explained)


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