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Breaking Bad Blinds

For the past … oh my goodness I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we actually had real window coverings in our dining room and kitchen.  This is sad … so sad.  Well let’s just say it’s been longer than a week and bigger than a bread box since we’ve had anything other than foil on our windows.


We finally came into a tiny bit of money that we swore we would use for some sort of home improvement and NOT on take-out food and boxed wine.  Oh sure we probably could have ended world hunger, cured cancer, and stopped politicians from being idiots … but we bought blinds instead.  We stuck to our promise and ordered beautiful, wood, privacy blinds from Blindster.  D, being the wonderful man that he is put them up on the day they arrived.  Good man !!


… and when the kids got home they noticed them right away with a “oh my gosh !!  now our friends will stop asking if our parents make meth !!”

“Um …. whaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

“Yep … every time somebody comes over here, they ask if we are druggies because we have foil on our windows”

“Meh … it’s not the worst thing that’s been said about us”



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