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Can you choose to be happy?

I subscribe to a lot of magazines and each month I see at least one article about or by a celebrity where they say something ridiculous like “I choose to be happy” or “happiness is a choice I make every day”.  Oh what a wonderful world that would be if it were true.  Sure I might be a little happier if I had a maid, a driver, a personal assistant, someone to make me sandwiches (there are just too many damn steps to that process), someone to open my wine boxes, etc.  Having enough money to not have to worry about money .. ah hell … just not having debt … would probably make me more than a little happy.

I don’t blame them for saying it.  They have every right to say it and for them it might work, but for most of us that just isn’t reality.

I see happiness as the opposite of sadness.  A fleeting emotion that comes and goes.  Not a constant state of mind and definitely not something we can just choose to happen.  Oh your dog got run over, you are sick, and your electricity is about to be turned off for non-payment … well that’s easy .. just click your heels together 3 times and CHOOSE to be happy.  Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha … nope.

It’s a crock of crap we’ve all been fed for decades and eons.  That if we buy this certain thing.  If we looked a certain way.  If we had this job instead of that one.  Then we would just be miraculously butterflies in our hair, blue skies above us, free wine every day HAPPY.   We’re striving for the wrong thing.

Choose to be content and the moments of happiness WILL come.  It takes practice, but I promise it works.  Start seeing little things in your life to be grateful for even when it all comes crashing down around you.  Start talking to people … really talking.  Start taking the time to appreciate the things around you … the sights … the smells … the sounds … the tastes (I’m not saying you have to lick your desk … you know what I mean).  Be content.  Strive for better while just being in the here and now.

The moments of happiness WILL come and you will be open to those tiny pleasures of life, because you won’t be scrambling for the impossible state of constant happy.  In your state of content there will be moments of happy.  What little thing gave you one of those moments recently?  Did you recognize the feeling when it happened?  Did it put a smile on your face?  Appreciate those moments, but don’t expect to live in that constantly.  Emotions are human … feel them all.  If we never had moments of sadness, we wouldn’t truly experience happy.


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