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Simplify Your Time

Schedule Time to Simplify

If you think you’re too busy to simplify, that’s exactly why you should Schedule Time to Simplify. When someone asks you how you’re doing, what’s your first response? If it’s something along the lines of “Oh … I’m soooooooooo busy” then you’re wearing the Badge of Busy like it’s some kind of honor, something to… Continue reading Schedule Time to Simplify

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Simplify Your Time

Overcome Overwhelm … Divide and Delegate

My husband (the fantabulous D) calls it "Parenting Evolution", the desire that your children have easier lives than you had.  But in the end does it really help?  Or does it lead to lazy, entitled minded children with stressed out parents? I've seen it several times.  Kids sitting on their butts staring at a screen… Continue reading Overcome Overwhelm … Divide and Delegate