I feel a rant coming on so hang on to your knickers !!  I like to warn you so you can be prepared and have your knowing head nods and your “DAMN … SHE’S SO RIGHT” s lined up and ready to go.

Ever since “the Election”, I’ve seen soooooooooooo many things about celebrities having opinions on politics and political issues.  I live in a VERY red state so our newsfeed is filled with them on just about every social media thing we do.  Except Twitter, because my in real life people don’t know I have that.  I tend to agree more with total strangers who don’t know me from Eve.  hmmmm … interesting

Anywho …

The whole “do your job and not have an opinion thing” really bothers me. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Would you tell a teacher, a firefighter, a stay at home mom, or a doctor that they couldn’t have an opinion just because they have a certain career? I sure wouldn’t. You have the right not to watch what they make, but they do have the right to voice their views and I sure wouldn’t want to live in a country where people couldn’t.

I’ve always been of the opinion that having different opinions makes the world an interesting place.  I love a good debate almost as much as I love boxed wine and cupcakes (I said ALMOST).  So celebrities voicing how they feel does not bother me at all.  Of course, it probably helps that I’m a liberal minded hippie and I agree with most of their thinking.

As human beings, how we feel is ingrained in us and nothing we say or do can be separated from that.  My views on drugs, war, politics, women’s rights, tacos, seat belts, the Pope, the stapler on my desk, the donut shop down the street, raising kids, etc. etc.  seep into everything about me.  It’s impossible for me or anyone else to not let our feelings out in one way or another, regardless of our job.

I’ve been in college classes where the professor discussed her views on war.  I’ve been in doctor’s appointments where the doctor ranted about how much he hated Hillary.  I’ve been in restaurants where the waiter celebrated marriage equality … and none of it bothered me.  They didn’t try to sway me one way or another.  They were just being themselves and there is nothing wrong with that.

So if you don’t agree with a celebrity and their views and feel the need to not buy into whatever they are selling then so be it.  Don’t read their book.  Don’t watch their TV show.  Don’t buy their music.  Just don’t tell them to “entertain us and then shut up”.  That mentality gets a little too close to the attitude of “sit there and look pretty” and that doesn’t sit well with me at all.


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