Clean It Out Countdown

If you’re one of the many who know they need (and want) to Declutter their homes, but are too overwhelmed to even know how or where to start, this FREE Challenge is for you.

The Clean It Out Countdown is a jump start to living a simplified life with a less cluttered home.

It’s 5 simple ways to start decluttering. 

Simply print out the attached worksheet below, write in the areas you’re going to work on, decide on your rewards and GET STARTED!

It really is that simple … but you have to really do it!

  Nobody is going to do it for you.

Examples of small rewards (for the smaller projects in each category) …

  • watch ONE episode of your favorite TV show
  • give yourself a manicure
  • have a phone free conversation over dinner

When you finish one of the Countdown Categories, give yourself a bigger reward …

  • a new book
  • an at home spa day
  • a movie night

After you finish all 5 Countdown Categories, give yourself one BIG reward (not counting the fantabulous feeling you will have from all that decluttering) …

  • a weekend trip
  • new comfy sheets
  • something handmade from Etsy
  • a fun new class (cooking, stained glass, photography, etc.)

The whole point of the Clean It Out Countdown is to get you in the Decluttering Mindset so it slowly becomes natural, which leads to a more welcome and inviting home.

Click the link, print it out and GET STARTED !

Clean it out Countdown

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I would love to hear how your Clean It Out Countdown is going … let me know on Twitter @slappyintheface or send an e-mail to 🙂