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Codeword: Awesome

When I took the dirty dishes from beside the bathroom sink and gently placed them on her dresser with a kind reminder of “these don’t belong upstairs”, she looked at me and said “awesome.”

When I told her that the gerbil cage was starting to smell like a Great Danes had used her bedroom as a potty pad and reminded her that it had to be cleaned out before she left for the ballgame tonight, she rolled her eyes and mumbled “awesome” under her breath.

When I told her that she couldn’t spend the night with anybody tonight because she has a dance workshop tomorrow morning and I’m not paying the workshop fee if she’s going to stay up all night and be gritchy tomorrow, she enthusiastically said “AWESOME!”

In my mind her use of the word “awesome” translates into “why thank you mother for calling attention to the error of my ways, I promise to do better next time.  You are the best mother in the world.” … but in reality it probably actually means “BITCH!”

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