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This was the Decluttering project from the August Newsletter.  It’s a new idea for those of you who don’t get the Newsletter (and why the hell don’t you?) and a reminder for those of you who do.  Yes, I’ve been doing it right along with you.  🙂

Visible clutter is the worst kind, in my opinion.  It’s just not pretty and is a constant reminder that you (I) need to do better with cleaning and organizing.  With closets, drawers and cabinets full of junk at least you don’t have to look at it.  Piles of stuff on your tables, couches and on the floor are just screaming at you all the damn time, “PICK ME UP!”.

We all have spots in our home where things just get “dumped”.  The big ones for me are our dining room table, my dresser and my nightstand.

Stuff just seems to gravitate to those places.

clutter on the table

Pick 3 spots (surfaces) in your home where you have piles of stuff.  Take an evening this week to clear and clean off at least one of those spots (surfaces). Try to get all 3 cleared and cleaned sometime this week.

Now here’s the hard part ….


(at least until the end of the month … hopefully forever)

I’ve done pretty well with this actually … except for my nightstand, but I’m working on it.


The dining room table has stopped being the dumping ground for pretty much everything and I’m forcing encouraging myself to not pile clothes on top of my dresser.  As with any decluttering and simplifying, it’s a work in progress (or is it process … either way you get it).

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t get your 3 surfaces cleared (or keep them cleared).

Just try to do better today. 

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