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If you’ve seen this before, then this is a strong reminder that you need to keep your visual spaces clutter free …. it will seriously help with so many things and because I said so.

In March, we did THE BIG CLEAN in the kitchen.

It was an adventure, but we survived.

However, we may not be keeping that precious real estate known

as counter space as clutter free as we can.

A Few Ways to Cure Counter Clutter

Ask yourself these 3 questions about EVERYTHING

on your kitchen counter …

1. Do I Use it Often?

Often means more than 3 times a week.  That rice cooker you only use once a year needs to be stashed away. That blender you only use for Pop Up Patio Parties needs to go somewhere else. If it’s not something you really need to have handy then it doesn’t need to be visible at all times.

My “creative” bread bin (the lid to a swirl graniteware roaster) stays out at all times, because … well … we eat bread.

2. Can I Hide it?

The bread box I hunted for and was damn near giddy about when I finally found did not work out as planned. Turns out a strong lacquer smell and bread do not mix well. mmmmm … mmmm paint smelling toast … NOT yummy

So I repurposed it as the “bill box”.

We tend to accumulate stacks of paper on our kitchen counter. It’s where we sort mail and paperwork and sometimes it lingers. So I decided to hide it.

3. Do I Like How it Looks?

Some things in this world are just there to make us happy. For me it’s vintage stuff and graniteware (which is also vintage stuff).  There are things on my counter that are just there, because I think they’re pretty. They don’t serve much of a purpose other than to show off my collections, but they aren’t in the way

… so they stay.

Commit to Curing Counter Clutter

There are actual studies (go Google them) that connect mood and attitude to physical space and one of the main factors is clutter. Learning how to keep visual spaces clutter free can have a huge impact on your mental health.  Do your counters need to be cured of clutter?

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