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Declutter Date Night

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking I’ve completely lost my mind.  Nope … been there done that and didn’t even get a free t-shirt from that trip.  This post comes to you from a mostly clear mind only slightly hyped up on tea with Splenda.

Here’s a mostly serious question for you …

Why go to the movies and out to eat when you can save that hundred bucks, spend quality time together AND get rid of unwanted junk?

Are you laughing yet?  Are you thinking “that sounds like the worst date night ever?”  Weeeeeeeeeeeeell technically going on a date and realizing at the end of the date this guy looks an awful lot like your uncle and could possibly be your long lost brother would actually be a much worse way to spend a Friday night.  You know I’m right.

Anywho ….

My plan for your weekend evenings is geared towards couples who have way too much junk and are sick of tripping over it and/or fighting about it or single people who have run out of shit to watch on Netflix and are seriously tired of spending time in smoky bars pretending to care that someone collects those little plants you never have to water.

There are two options for this plan …

#1 … set a timer for a certain amount of time and only declutter for that amount of time … do NOT set a five hour timer and attempt to clean out the garage or attic … this isn’t a marathon … this is a quick fun way to get rid of junk … one hour time on the timer … TOPS !!!


#2 … choose a specific location to declutter … someplace fairly small like a closet, 3 kitchen drawers, the refrigerator or the kids toy buckets … places that can be sorted in a fairly short amount of time

Ok … pour yourself a glass (or super classy Mason jar) of wine, put on some music, slip into something more comfortable (yes, I mean sweat pants or leggings) and have a Declutter Date Night


Reward yourself !!!

Watch a movie

Go get a pizza (and drop off stuff at the Goodwill donation box on your way)

Sit back and stare at your newly decluttered small space and post a pic of it so all your friends can see how productive you are on the weekends … they will be so jealous!

Decluttering can actually be fun … I promise!


Note about the picture …. we did a Declutter Date Night last week and cleaned out a closet … a closet full of books and bags … which really explains a lot about me

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