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Decluttering Project … Drawers

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I promised that with each Decluttering Project I would do it right along with you.  I also promised that you would feel so much better after you work on them.  It feels good to get rid of junk.

Here’s my Drawer #1 from this month’s Decluttering Project … the bathroom drawer

Here’s before … a mish mash mess … totally unorganized and slightly gross (I gathered up a hair ball from the bottom the size of Paris Hilton’s dog).

I bought these handy dandy baskets for a dollar each at an antiques/good junk store a few months ago … not really knowing what I was going to do with them … but knowing I WOULD use them.

They fit perfectly in the bathroom drawer where I keep my contact solution, toothpaste, hair stuff, headbands, etc.

I literally spent less than 5 minutes emptying everything out of the drawer (the first rule of Decluttering), cleaning out the drawer with a good cleaner, putting the baskets in and organizing everything.

It’s so pretty now!

How is your Drawer Decluttering going?

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