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Digital Decluttering

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If you don’t, well why the hell not? 

If you’ve already seen this, let this serve as a reminder to get it done.  If you haven’t seen it then hold on to your hats … this is a fun one.  Not as fun as belly dancing with monkeys while singing Queen songs, but close … oh so close.

This month’s Decluttering Project can be done in small sessions throughout the day and from pretty much anywhere.  NO … it’s not arm pit waxing!

It’s Digital Decluttering.


I know .. I know … buuuuuuuuuut it is really worth your time.

The easiest part to start with is your phone.  Go through each of these areas (in any order) and delete things that are no longer needed, edit things that need editing and sort things that need sorting.

Contacts – If you haven’t talked to them in ten years, you no longer want to talk to them for any reason or you honestly don’t remember who they even are … they need to go.  DELETE !!!

Edit contacts you are keeping and get rid of old numbers, old information, make name changes, etc.

Sort contacts into groups for easier group messaging … because we all know how people loooooooooove a group message.  😉

Photos (your Gallery) –  If it’s blurry, you don’t know what it is, or it’s no longer relevant to your life … it needs to go.   DELETE !!!

Edit and sort your photos too.  Crop out ugly backgrounds, resize, etc. then sort them into folders.

Text Conversations –  If it’s not a current conversation or something you need for blackmailing someone… it needs to go.  DELETE !!!  (I’m mostly kidding about the blackmailing thing by the way … that’s just not nice …. buuuuuuuuuut … no I’m really kidding … don’t do that!)

These next few take a little more effort and you’ll probably need a bigger screen to do it the right way.

E-mail –  Do NOT devote hours at a time to this one or your eyeballs might fall out of your pretty little head.  Reading e-mails is exhausting vision wise, so just read and sort a certain number at each session.  I try to sort and/or delete 20-30 each time.

Make folders for e-mails you want to keep.  Unsubscribe from junk promotional e-mails and newsletters you don’t need (NOT mine… of course).

Learn how to block spam too!

Documents – Go through your folders on your computer and decide what needs to stay.  You’ll be amazed at how much junk is in there.

This Decluttering Project might take you a while, but you will be so glad to get it done … PLUS it frees up valuable memory on your phone and/or computer … which leaves even more memory for those videos of kittens playing poker.  Don’t roll your eyes at me … you know you’re going to Google it.

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