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Easy Closet Cleanout

it’s clean out your closet time

Don’t worry … it’s much easier than you think.

Several years ago, I came up with the “Rubber Band Method” of closet cleaning. It’s pretty painless and doesn’t take long at all.

All you need is a package of rubber bands (I got the colorful ones, because that’s how I am), a sticky note, a pen and 10-30 minutes of your time (depends on how much stuff you have).

You simply place a rubber band around the hangers in your closet … every single one. The rubber band stays on the hanger until you wear the item of clothing. Be sure that all of your clothes are washed and hung up before you do this so you don’t miss anything. When you wear something you simply remove the rubber band.

You decide how much time passes before you purge the things that still have rubber bands on them and donate, sell, or give them away. I originally did this in 2012 and purged everything I hadn’t worn one year later. I’ve done it every year since then.

The year time frame gets you through all the seasons so you don’t have to guess whether or not you will wear that penguin sweater or polka dot bikini.

Write the date on the sticky note and stick it to the wall of your closet so you know how much time has passed.

Then you basically do nothing other than wear the clothes you want for a whole year.

A year from now, anything that is still banded GOES!

It works for other items in your closet too … like socks, shoes, slips, undershirts, etc.  If you wear it just take off the rubber band and if it’s still banded a year later …. then out it goes!

This is the easiest way I know of to declutter a closet full of clothes (other than getting rid of everything and just starting over).  Try it … it really does work.

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