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Easy Habit for Clutter Free Surfaces

Simple Simplifying Series … Easy Habit for Clutter Free Surfaces

Cluttered surfaces (counters, tops of tables, stuff stacked in chairs, piles in the floor, etc.) are the worst. THE WORST! Click To Tweet

They’re constant reminders that we need to clean up, get rid of junk, or both.  They cause us stress, anxiety, and feeling blah.

But it’s so easy just to drop everything wherever we want to and walk away from it.  Which is exactly the habit you need to change.


I did it for years too.  As soon as I came home from work, I dropped my purse, the mail, and whatever else I was carrying on the kitchen counter and walked away.  The counters became a minefield of stuff, which left us no room to actually make meals.

It was NOT an easy habit to break either.  However, it has been really worth it.

Now as soon as I get home, I take the dogs out and then immediately pick back up anything I’ve placed on the table or counter and put it where it really goes. It’s not negotiable.  It must be done.

If I fold towels, they are put in the linen closet right away.  If a load of my laundry is done, the basket is taken upstairs to our room quickly.  Mail is sorted and dealt with every evening.  Clean dishes are put in the cabinets and not allowed to linger on the counters.  You get the idea.

Just taking the few extra minutes (or even seconds) to NOT put stuff down in the first place OR to pick something back up and put it where it goes can keep the surfaces in your home clutter free.

We live in a two story house.  There is always something that needs to either be carried upstairs or downstairs, so we’ve developed the habit of not going up or down without carrying something.  It’s like a mini workout and it’s keeping the house cleaner.

Try it tonight when you get home.  Take the time to put things where they go the first time, then you won’t have to deal with them later AFTER they’ve become a huge pile of stuff.  Strongly encourage your family members to do the same by politely handing them back the item and reminding them that it actually goes somewhere else.  They’ll catch on.

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