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Oh you better not have thought (hey that rhymes) that this was some sort of announcement about one of my kid’s getting engaged.  OH HELL NO !!  Of course that would be better than one about one of them having a baby … oh crap … probably just jinxed myself.  Forget you saw that!  Forget I said it !!  Where’s the wine?

Anywho …

The other night I glanced over at D while we were both watching TV, but we weren’t really watching TV at all.  He was playing Peggle on his phone and I was halfway listening to whatever was on while flipping through a magazine while trying to talk to him while answering texts and playing on the Interwebs (on my phone).  I couldn’t even begin to tell you who I was texting, what the magazine was or what was even on TV … because I wasn’t really engaged in any of it.

I’ve pride myself for years on being the master multitasker, but I’m beginning to wonder how many things have been done half-assed, because I wasn’t really paying attention to any of it.

So D and I have made a pact, agreement, contract in blood (not really – we aren’t THAT weird) to really be engaged in what we’re doing.  If we sit down to watch a TV show, then we’re going to actually watch the show.  When I look at a magazine, I’m going to really look at the magazine.  When I text people, it’s only going to be when I’m not distracted by something or someone else.  We’re going to be engaged in our lives … REALLY engaged.

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